Levi Strauss Belt Buckle

Vintage Levi Strauss Belt Buckle

Vintage Levi Strauss Belt Buckle

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    Yes, Levi Strauss Co. has a unique history and an amazing heritage, but it involves much more than faded denim. Our designers use products from our past to inspire .

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    How to measure to find your size: Waist Place the tape horizontally on the smallest part of the waist. Seat Place the tape horizontally +/-20cm .

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    Levi’s was not the first denim/jean brand. There were others before them but what they did was use rivets instead of thread to secure the pockets to the pants .

  • Levi Strauss Ceo Please Dont Bring Legal Guns Into Our

    Chip Bergh, president and CEO of iconic blue jean maker Levi Strauss on Wednesday penned an open letter asking ask people not to bring firearms into their locations..